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      1. We’ve been trying to find your demo tape for the Korean teaching class. Is it still available? Please send us in the right direction.

        Read your recent article in San Francisco and will be following your activities very closely.


  1. Geoff, Finally read March 20th blog. Just a few quick questions:
    1) How do the class students refer to you by name? Mr.? First Name?
    2) This is a tough one. Several of your comments refer to the students being unable to express their opinion. I thought you said something about “This is the Korean way of life” and of course we all know the Socialistic attitude. Grandpa is insisting that that is the direction we are being taken by the White House, government and others.
    3) We are truly enjoying reading your blogs. Thanks.

    Grandma & Grandpa D.


    1. 1) Adult students just call me by name. My junior students just call me “teacher.”

      2) Hopefully the latest post (Overcoming Banality) will provide a little insight on this topic. Their lack of expression comes from an oppressive education system that has its roots in Confucianism, a social order. Socialism is an economic system. They don’t really compare.

      3) I’m glad you’re enjoying the writing! I’m probably going to take a little time off from this blog to gather some more information. This is a very deep subject, and I want to have a good background before I comment thoroughly


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